Blackberry Enterprise Server and Exchange 2010: OpenMsgStore failed (8004011d)

As promised in my previous Blackberry Enterprise Server article, here is the solution for the OpenMsgStore failed (8004011d) that you might receive in the Windows Event Log.

When you follow the BESx 5.0.x installation guide you would have been told to run the following commands on in your Microsoft Exchange Management Shell.

New-ThrottlingPolicy BESPolicy

Set-Mailbox “BESAdmin” –ThrottlingPolicy BESPolicy

When you run these two commands it would have created a new policy and added BESadmin with all the default setting (RCAMaxConcurrency – 20) to your Exchange 2010 server. This will not prevent the “OpenMsgStore failed (8004011d)” error especially if you add multiple users to your BESx server.

Here are the commands that you need to run in the Exchange Management Shell:

1.  You need to change the RCAMaxConcurrency to unlimited. The default setting is 20.

Get-ThrottlingPolicy | where {$_.IsDefault –eq $true} | Set-ThrottlingPolicy –RCAMaxConcurrency #null

2.  Run the following command to display a list of your Throttling Policies.


3.  From the output of the above command, locate and copy the DefaultThrottlingPolicy” name.

Example: “DefaultThrottlingPolicy_a1f84187-7a42-4ece-9276-06c704be21e7”

4.  Enter and run the command below with your DefaultThrottlingPolicy name pasted into the command.

Set-Mailbox “BESAdmin” –ThrottlingPolicy <Default Policy Name>

Example: Set-Mailbox “BESAdmin” DefaultThrottlingPolicy_a1f84187-7a42-4ece-9276-06c704

5.  After you have completed the above steps you need to remove the “BESPolicy” that is not required anymore.

Remove-ThrottlingPolicy BESPolicy

When you have completed the above steps successfully, the OpenMsgStore failed (8004011d) error in the Event Log should be gone for good and your Blackberry Enterprise Server should be running as normal.

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