In this article I will explain to you how to make a Straight-Thru and Crossover Network Cable or flylead. Sometime we need to make up our own network cables or LAN cables and it is really not that difficult if you have the right tools. So gather your tools and follow the steps. Let’s start making network LAN cables…

What you will need to make your own Cat5e Network flylead

  1. 2x RJ-45 Connector
  2. 2x RJ-45 Boots
  3. Cat5e Network cable
  4. Cable Stripper
  5. Crimping Tool
  6. Cable Tester

Tools for making Cat5e Flylead

How to make a STRAIGHT –THRU Network Cable

First cut the Cat5e cable in the length that you want it to be. Remember that your maximum length is 100m for cat5e. Then use the cable stripper to strip the ends of the cable and untangle the coloured cables from each other.

Now arrange the colour strands in the order shown below depending if you want to use EIA/TIA 568A Standard or the EIA/TIA 568B Standard. The EIA/TIA 568B is the most common these days.

568A_and_568B_standard cat5e cable

Put the RJ-45 boot over the cable and insert the strands you have arranged according the standard that you want to use into the RJ-45 Connector. Use the crimping tool to crimp the RJ-45 connector onto the cable. Repeat this for both sides of the cable using the same Standard that you used at the other end of the cable.

Use your cable tester to make sure the network cable is Straight-Thru and that each cable makes the correct connection.

How to make a CROSSOVER Network Cable

To make a crossover cable you need to use the same steps as above. The only difference is that you need to change the order of your colour strands between the two ends of the cable or better explaind – Use the EIA/TIA 568A Standard on the one end of the LAN cable and the EIA/TIA 568B Standard on the other end of the LAN cable.


Crossover Cat5e flylead cable

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