Increase Rules Quota Limit in Exchange 2010

Lots of users use Rules in Outlook to organize their emails or move it to specific folder. They will then setup a list of Rules and then either set it to run when the email arrives in the Inbox, or the user run it manually say once a month to move the emails to its specific folder. When you create too many Rules, Outlook will give you an error that you can’t create anymore rules. In this article I will show you how to Increase Rules Quota Limit in Exchange 2010.

Exchange 2010 and all previous versions had a default Rules Limit of 32kb so when you create a new mailbox the user will be allocated 32kb of space to create Rules. In previous versions of Exchange Server you are not allowed to change the mailbox rules limit, but Microsoft change this in Exchange 2010.


Increase Rules Limit in Exchange 2010

How to Increase Rules Quota Limit:

Open Exchange Management Shell and use the following command.
The Set-Mailbox cmdlet is used to change the Rules Limit on a specific mailbox.

Set-Mailbox –RulesQuota

Now here is an example where we want to change the user “Dave” to 256kb Rules Limit using Set-Mailbox cmdlet.

Set-Mailbox dave –RulesQuota:256KB

Press enter and you had successfully Increase Rules Quote Limit in Exchange 2010 from 32kb to 256kb.

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