Aug 27 2012

Install and Enable Telnet in Windows 7

Telnet is a very useful tool that shipped with Operating Systems since the MS-DOS days. It always came installed by default and was always ready to be used. Then came Windows 7 and Microsoft decided to make it an add-on feature. The reason for that I’m not sure of, but that it’s always been a very useful tool is certain. Here is how to Install and Enable Telnet in Windows 7.

If you go to START -> RUN in Windows 7 and you type telnet, you will receive an error message that looks like this.
Telnet Error Telnet could not be found on Windows 7





Let me show you how to Install and Enable Telnet in Windows 7 as this is a tool that I use almost daily.

Click on START and go to CONTROL PANEL

Then on the top left menu, click on TURN WINDOWS FEATURES ON OR

Install Telnet on Windows 7 - turn Windows Features on off






A Window will open with all the installed Windows Features and also the additional Features that you can install. Scroll down to the Feature TELNET CLIENT. Tick the box next to it and click OK

Install Telnet Windows Features List












Windows will start to install this Feature for you.

Installing Telnet for Windows 7 Making Changes








When the installation is done, you can test Telnet by clicking on START -> RUN and type telnet.

Telnet should open like this and you will be ready to use it.

Telnet Installed on Windows 7 Telnet Windows

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