Sep 24 2012

Internet Explorer Warning: Security Update MS12-063

If you are an Internet Explorer user like me, be warned! Microsoft Corp discovered a bug in Internet Explorer (all versions) that makes your Operating System vulnerable to attacks by hackers. They released the warning on 17 Sept 2012 and urged all customers to download the security update available on Microsoft’s website.

There are millions of Internet Explorer users around the world that might be affected so rather be safe than sorry and run your Windows Updates to get the Security Update. Microsoft also released a free tool, known as Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit or EMET, which is available from Microsoft’s website. You will have to configure it manually.

Alternatively you can download Security Update MS12-063 (KB 2744842) and install it manually. This Update was released by Microsoft on 21 Sept 2012 and don’t need any configuration. Make sure you download the correct Update for the version of Internet Explorer that you are using.

Take the following security measurements to protect yourself against hackers:

–          Make sure Automatic Windows Updates is enabled on your PC.

–          Make sure you have a good Anti-Virus and that it is updated with the latest Anti-Virus definition.

–          Check in your Add/Remove Programs that you don’t have any malicious software installed.

–          Stay away from websites that asks you to install browser add-ons.

–          Alternatively you can use another Internet Browser like FireFox, Google Chrome and Opera.


To ensure your Windows Updates is enabled, see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 294871.

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