Ping returns IPv6 address and not IPv4 address

Some of you might have run into this problem. You want to Ping a server or device to get the IP Address. When you run the Ping command in the command prompt you get this long unknown list of characters as result. This address is the IPv6 address for that specific device.

Why IPv6 you may ask? The sole reason for the switch from the IPv4 protocol to IPv6 protocol is because IPv4 only supports 4.3 billion addresses and with the rate that internet connected devices is multiplying these days something had to be done to prevent us running out of IP addresses. IPv6 was born and support 40,282,366,920 billion billion billion usable addresses.

How do you then see the old IPv4 address when you Ping your server or device that is now IPv6 ready? Just add a “-4” at the end of your Ping command.

C:\ping <hostname> -4

Ping returns IPv6 address and not IPv4 address


Ping returns IPv6 address and not IPv4 address



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