REVIEW: Sonos Playbar – Wireless Surround Sound Speakers

Think style, think surround sound, think wireless and then order yourself a Sonos Playbar. This speaker set connects with an optical cord to your HDTV. Once connected it will play all the music you ask it to play from your satellite box, Blu-Ray, video game console, internet, iPhone, iPad as long as it is connected to your HDTV.

The Sonos Playbar has 9 build in speakers give you full theatre sound and can be used as a stand-alone all-in-one mode. You can also connect it to your wireless router and then pair it with your other Sonos speakers and devices. When you add the Sonos Play:3 speakers and Sonos Sub (all wireless) to your Sonos Playbar you have a full 5.1 Home Theatre Sound System.

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The Sonos Playbar has IR’s Remote capabilities and can be controlled by using free apps with your Android, iPad or iPhone.

Dimensions (H X W X D):  85mm (H) x 900mm (W) x 140mm (D)

Weight:  5.4kg

Conclusion: If you have some extra cash, this device is rather expensive, treat yourself with excellent sound, beautiful style and latest technology in wireless speakers. Get the Sonos Playbar!

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