I recently had a Windows Small Business Server 2008 (SBS2008) that for some reason just don’t want to install any updates. When you run Windows Updates it will show “Windows can’t connect to update…” error 80072efd. I will show you how to fix 80072EFD error on Windows Small Business Server 2008

After further investigation I found that the Windows Server Update Services or WSUS was disabled and not working. This was done probably to save disk space as Windows Server Update Services store all the Windows Updates locally on the server. This caused the AUTHORITY\NETWORK SEVICE entry in the registry to be 0 instead of 1.

Because of this meltdown of WSUS that uses http://servername:8530 to communicate with Windows Update Server locally. If the server can’t find that address or any updates it will respond with the 80072efd error.

After doing some research I found a workaround for this. I uninstalled WSUS and edited the Windows Update entry in the registry.

How to fix 80072EFD error on Windows Small Business Server:

–          Click START -> RUN and type REGEDIT and press ENTER

–          Navigate to HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate

–          In the folder, look for the following keys:



(if these keys are in your WindowsUpdate folder, SBS2008 is trying to updates locally on the server.)

–          Delete the “WindowsUpdate” key from the registry.

(Always remember to export the folder first before you delete it, just for safety)

–          Restart the Windows Update Service

(Go to START -> RUN -> type “service.msc” and stop and start the service.)

This instantly solved my problem and I was able to install all Windows Updates via Automatic Updates.

Hope this will work for you too.

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