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Jun 14 2013

Free Computer Assist – About us

Free Computer Assist has 15 years of IT experience I’ve build up an extensive knowledge of computer hardware and software. I get to fix certain problems so often, sometimes on a daily basis that I had decide to start a website to capture all these solutions that I encounter.

Free Computer Assist was born in 2012 and started off very small as I’m updating it as the regular IT issues and solutions arise. The website is now slowly growing into an information hub with lots of free computer help and assistance. It gives me big amounts of pleasure when I receive an email from someone in the world saying “thanks, your solution fixed my problem”. Free Computer Assist will continue to grow and who knows, maybe become a solution provider for lot of people around the globe.

Free Computer Assist Logo

So you might ask “why provide free computer assistance” if you don’t make money out of the deal? Well, IT is my passion and the website became a hobby where I can put my thoughts out there for you, the reader, to hopefully find what you are looking for. Yes, I am making a little bit of money out of it through monetizing the site and with affiliate products, but it’s definitely not the purpose of Free Computer Assist.

Free Computer Assist will provide you with free computer help on all Microsoft products and software, computer hardware issues and many other software brands and apps. I will also do the occasional review on a device or item that I found to be very exciting and can be recommended to you the reader and user. I will always strive to test the solutions myself before they are published on the website as I want to make sure that the solution work. All the solutions on this site are thus tried and tested and helped me out to fix a problem at one of my customers.

I have also decided to provide Free Computer Assistance to you the reader/customer via TeamViewer. If you need free computer help, feel free to contact me via Skype or email me and I will assist you.
If you are not familiar with TeamViewer, don’t worry I will teach you how it works. In short, it’s a Remote Support software that can be downloaded at www.teamviewer.com. After you installed the software, you provide me with the ID and Password and that enable me to see what’s on your screen and provide you with free computer assistance, doesn’t matter where you are in the world.

I hope you enjoy the website and that Free Computer Assist will provide you with the solution that you are looking for.