If there is one thing that is part of my almost daily IT support work is to uninstall unwanted toolbars and software that installs together with other software. I will ask the client – what are you doing with all these toolbars that is installed and showing up in Internet Explorer? Their normal answer is, I don’t even know how they got there and I don’t know what they do. The likes of Google Toolbar, Ask Toolbar, Yahoo Toolbar and Babylon Toolbar are all culprits that are installed together with other software. Luckily the toolbars are easy to uninstall.

One of the other culprits is Google Crome. What irritates me more about Google Crome is that it installs together with other software and then makes itself your default internet browser. Then almost every time you uninstall Google Crome you will find that your Outlook 2010 not opening hyperlinks anymore. With other words, if you receive an email with a hyperlink to a website and you click on it, nothing happens or you get an error saying “This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator.”

Outlook 2010 not opening hyperlinks after uninstalling Google Crome

To fix this problem you can follow the instructions on Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 310049.

On the article is a manual way to fix the problem or you can click on the Microsoft Fix It button to fix the problem where Outlook 2010 not opening hyperlinks after uninstalling Google Crome.

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