Have you ever had a reason to create a Shortcut on your desktop, but you want the Shortcut to launch in a Non-Default Browser? I had this scenario twice in one week. In one instance it was a case where the client had Firefox as his default Browser, but the website that he wants to open just work better in Internet Explorer. So how do you create the Shortcut to launch in a Non-Default Browser like in this case Internet Explorer?

The other scenario was with Windows 8. When you go to the desktop in Windows 8 and click on the Internet Explorer icon in the taskbar, Windows 8 opens the normal Internet Explorer that me and you are used to, but if you create a Shortcut on your desktop, it will open the Internet Explorer App that looks different and does not have all the options like the normal Internet Explorer. So how do I get that Shortcut to launch in a Non-Default Browser in this case the normal Internet Explorer and not the Internet Explorer App?

Here is how you do it:

Open Windows Explorer and browse to where iexplore.exe is located. Typically this will be in C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer. Now use your right mouse button and drag this file to your desktop. You might get a popup menu – choose Create Shortcut(s) here.

Right-click on the Shortcut you just created and select properties. Edit the Target Field and change it to include the URL that you want Internet Explorer to open.
(Make sure to leave the double quotes in the path and that the URL does have the http:// included)

“C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe” http://www.theURLthatyouWanttoOpen.com

Shortcut to Launch in a Non-Default BrowserAfter you saved the properties you can rename the Shortcut to the website that it will open.

That’s it, your new Shortcut will open the URL in a Non-Default Browser.

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