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Jun 14 2013

How to activate the touchscreen keyboard in Windows 8

So you just bought a new tablet with Windows 8 Pro on it or you have a Point of Sale with a touch screen and no keyboard and mouse. Where do you find the touchscreen keyboard in Windows 8?

Luckily there is a build-in Windows Module that can be used and actually works very well.
This module is called Tabtip.exe and is installed by default when installing Windows.

To open this on-screen touch keyboard, follow these steps:

Open your Run Command box (press WINDOWS KEY + R)
Click on BROWSE and browse to the following folder

C:\Program Files \Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Ink\TabTip.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Ink\TabTip32.exe

Click OK to open the Tabtip.exe Module.

The Tabtip Windows Module will then appear in your Taskbar on the right, close to the time.

Tabtip On-screen Touch keyboard icon



If you press on it, it will open the touchscreen keyboard.

Tabtip On-screen Touch keyboard icon option 1






Tabtip On-screen Touch keyboard icon option 1







Aug 27 2012

Windows 8 Release Date

I have done a lot of searching to find more information with regards the Release Date for the all new Microsoft Windows 8. Most of the articles that I found said that Microsoft had hinted that the release for Windows 8 will be in 2012. Some even said that Windows 8 will be release as early as the beginning of 2012.

Then I found an article where the Seasoned Microsoft-Watches Mary-Foley said that the RTM (Release to Manufacturing) date could be as early as April 2012.

In the end I found the most convincing hint. This was made by Microsoft Corporate vice president Dan’l Lewin. According to what he said, Microsoft Windows 8 is likely to be released next autumn, late 2012.

So I’m looking forward to the Windows 8 Release Date to get my hands on the all new version in the latest Microsoft OS.

Windows 8 Logo