Had an interesting problem today. After upgrading a Windows 7 PC from Adobe Reader 9.5 to Adobe Reader XI, I received a message when I open Adobe Reader that Adobe Reader cannot open in Protected Mode due to an incompatibility with your system configuration and that Acrobat failed to load its Core DLL file.

Adobe Reader Protected Mode
















When you select the option “Open with Protected Mode disabled” I receive an error “Acrobat failed to load its Core DLL

Acrobat failed to load its core dll







I’ve tried the following:

–          Uninstall Adobe Reader XI and reinstall it. I got the same error.

–          Remove the folder C:\Program Files(x86)\Adobe and reinstall. Got the same error.

–          Log in with a different profile and reinstall. Got the same error.

–          When I reboot the PC I got an error saying

The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)“.

Application unable to start correctly Adobe error








I eventually uninstalled Adobe Reader XI and download and install Adobe Reader 9.5. This solved the problem and I could open Adobe Reader. After that I updated it again to Adobe Reader XI and everything worked fine.

My only conclusion was that something went wrong or the installation were corrupt after the first upgrade that I’ve done and caused the Acrobat failed to load its Core DLL error.

If you need to download previous versions of Adobe Reader, click here.

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