When you are a Microsoft Cloud Partner like us, then you will notice that after 90 days of signing up a new customer for Office 365, the customer will be requested to change their mailbox password. If you look at the security aspect this is a very good thing to prevent unauthorized access to your Office 365 Portal or even worse, your emails.

But you will get the request from time to time that customers want to extend the period beyond 90 days. Most of the customers requesting this are the ones with a laptop, smartphone, tablet and other devices where they access their mail from. The moment they change the password, the password need to be changed on all the devices.

What I normally do is to extend the Password Expiration Policy to make this easier for the client. As far as I know there is no way to disable the Password Policy all together but extending it make the hassle less for the customer.

Change Password Policy in Office 365:

First log in to your Microsoft portal (portal.microsoftonline.com)

In the menu on the left, click on SERVICE SETTINGS.

Change Office 365 Password Policy











Then click on PASSWORDS at the top of the window.

You will then have the option to change the Password Expiration Policy.The default “Days before password expire” is normally 90 days. You can change that anything between 14-730.
You can also change how many days before the password will expire you will get notified about the expiration.

Office365 Password Policy









After you made the desired changes, SAVE your settings and that should be it!

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