When installing Windows Small Business Server 2008/2011 you will notice that part of the SharePoint Foundation is a CompanyWeb webpage that can be used as your intranet, folder sharing and other internal company functions.

The CompanyWeb is forced by Group Policies by default onto the client PC’s, so as soon as you join a PC to the domain it will set the CompanyWeb (http://companyweb) as your default home page in Internet Explorer. You can then change the default home page in IE and as soon as you log off and log back on, the CompanyWeb page is back as your home page.

So what do you do if you don’t want it as your default home page?


–   In Group Policy Management, browse down to WINDOWS SBS USER POLICY

–   On the right of the window click on SETTINGS on top and click on URL’s / IMPORTANT URL’s

Remove Companyweb as default Internet Explorer Home Page










–   Right click on URL’s / IMPORTANT URL’s and click EDIT

Remove Companyweb as default Internet Explorer Home Page











–   Under USER CONFIGURATION, browse to URL’s and double click on IMPORTANT URL’s on the right.

Remove Companyweb as default Internet Explorer Home Page









Change the HOME PAGE URL to the website that you want to enforce to every user. If you want every user to be able to set his own Home Page, leave the HOME PAGE URL blank and un-tick the CUSTOM HOME PAGE URL and save your setting.

Hope this helps to remove Companyweb as default Internet Explorer Home Page.

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Microsoft released a new Service Pack 1 for Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 in late 2011. When you install Windows Small Business Server 2011 you will find that this server pack is do not ship with the CD. It will be part of the Windows Updates and will install sooner than later on your new server.

SharePoint Foundation 2010 needs a two-step patching process. After the updates are installed you will need to complete PSCONFIG to update the SharePoint database. SBS2011 might also request or remind you to run the PSCONFIG command to update the SharePoint database and you will receive this message.

SBS2011 PSConfig Message

NOTE: If you don’t complete the PSCONFIG, you might experience unexpected SharePoint Search failures and all backups may stop working on the affected server.

This error might be visible in the Application Event Log:

PSCONFIG Eventlog Error

To update the SharePoint database you need to manually run the following command:

–    Open a command prompt (with Administrative rights)

–    Go to the following directory

     C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\BIN

–    Type the following command at the command prompt and press enter

     PSConfig.exe –cmd upgrade –inplace b2b –force –cmd applicationcontent –install –cmd installfeatures

During the upgrade of the SharePoint database, the Company website will be unavailable. The PSCONFIG command will take at least 5 minutes to complete but can take up to 15 minutes depending on your database size.

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When you install Windows Small Business Server 2011 it will install the Users Shared Data folder and Users Redirected Documents to its default location. The default location is C:\Users\Shares and C:\Users\FolderRedirections. Most of the time you will have your Operating System split from your Data Storage drives and that will mean that you would want to move the Users Shared Data and Users Redirected Documents to the other Data Storage drives.

Here are the steps on how to move the Users Shared Data and Users Redirected Documents do a different location:

NOTE: Never try to move these folders manually. In SBS2011 always use the available Wizards to complete the tasks.


  1. Open the Windows SBS Console.
  2. Click on Backup and Server Storage tab and then click on Server Storage.
  3. In the tasks pane on the right hand side you will find the following options to start the Wizard to move the location of these folders – Move Users Shared Data and Move Users Redirected Documents Data.
  4. When the Wizard opens, follow the instructions and when it asks you for the new location, browse to where you want the folders to be moved and complete the Wizard.

Your Users Shared Data and Users Redirected Documents data will be moved safely to the new location.

Windows SBS Console Server Storage Window

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