This is an issue that I get quite often and I had it again today. The client phoned saying that the laptop has a horizontal pink line on laptop LCD screen. The line can be horizontal or vertical.

Don’t even go through all the trouble trying to change the display resolution or even installing the latest display driver. This problem is hardware related and is mostly caused by the laptop being dropped or just normal wear and tear.

For starters I would open the laptop to reach the ribbon cable that connects the LCD display to the motherboard. You will have to look at the specific laptop’s service manual to know how to open and check the display ribbon cable. About 5% of the times it’s the ribbon cable that came lose because of the laptop being dropped or wear and tear.

But most of the time it’s worse that the ribbon cable. That means that your only solution will be to replace the laptop’s LCD display. I will then advise the client that if the laptop is out of warranty, buy a new one as a new LCD display can cost just as much at what the laptop is worth after it’s out of warranty. Some clients will want to replace the LCD display because of the laptop is still in a good condition, but then you run the risk of if they get other hardware problems the laptop will be cost you just as much as a new one.

So when your have a pink line on laptop LCD Screen, make yourself ready to buy a new laptop as this will most likely be the most cost effective way to fix the problem.

Here are some examples:

Pink line on Laptop LCD Screen

Laptop LCD Ribbon Cable

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