My name is Jeanne De Villiers. I am an IT Professional, cloud service provider and affiliate marketer.
I created this page to not only help myself moving forward but to help others to thrive in their field.

This page has three sections:
1. Options to buy your favourite software or service on subscription and pay monthly or annually.
2. Reviews of side hustles that I have recently tried and tested.
3. IT issues that I came across in my day-to-day work and providing the solution.

Subscription Software/Service:
A typical subscription software or service is Microsoft 365. Instead of buying the product or license outright, you will now pay for it monthly or annually. There are several benefits to this including that cloud storage and collaboration tools are included in your subscription. Another benefit is that as long as you are subscribed to the product, you will always have the latest version of that software.

Some of the well-known software or service available on subscription is Microsoft Office, CorelDraw, Adobe Professional, Photoshop, Microsoft Teams and many more.

Side Hustle Reviews:
This category is something that I have always believed can become a full time, work from home job and believe it or not, there are many people that makes millions of Dollars with a side hustle including Affiliate Marketing, YouTube Channels and even Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or monetizing a website or blog with Google Adsense.

I have tested most of these and the most profitable so far is Affiliate Marketing. If you are not familiar with Affiliate Marketing, let me explain. Affiliate Marketing is nothing more than being a salesperson on the internet. You take someone else’s product, advertise it, sell it and receive a commission on the sale. You can even sell items from Amazon by using their Affiliate Program. What makes Affiliate Marketing even more attractive is that you never have to carry stock of the items you are selling or courier any item anywhere and your market is worldwide!

I want to provide you with reviews of my tested side hustles and hopefully help you to become financially free with as little as possible effort.

IT Issues and Solutions:
With over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, I would like to share some of the issues and answer questions that I have to answer to clients on a daily basis. These solutions will mostly be from Microsoft Products as that is the field that I work in.

Hopefully, I can spare someone a headache or two.