You are currently viewing Gumroad! What is it and why is it worth checking out.

Gumroad! What is it and why is it worth checking out.

Are you a creator? Do you have a course, eBook that you want to sell? Then Gumroad might be the place for you to be. I have created an account on Gumroad in my search for a way to kick off my Affiliate Marketing project. I bought a course that was recommended to me by some people on Twitter and BOOM… I have launched my Affiliate Marketing career.

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Gumroad is an online platform that facilitates the sale of products by creators directly to consumers. Creators such as authors, comedians, designers, filmmakers, musicians, and software developers use Gumroad to sell products directly to consumers; mostly digital content like albums, comics, ebooks, films, games, music, or tutorials.
The beauty of Gumroad is that you do not need content to start making money. You can affiliate with all the other creators! For instance, you buy a course, learn something new, and the seller will provide you with an Affiliate link. You then promote the affiliate link and make money from every sale. Everyone wins!


Commission is also very good. We are talking about 50% to 70% commission and you can be in any field and there will be something for you on Gumroad to make money with.

Absolutely worth it and also how I made my first Dollars as an Affiliate Marketer.

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